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Britney is one of the contestants of the 13th season of "Everlasting".

She is a fictional character on Lifetime's UnREAL and was portrayed by Arielle Kebbel.


Britney was in foster care for years and was adopted. She was emancipated at sixteen and was placed in a psych ward twice.

Season 1


Shortly after arriving at the Everlasting mansion, Britney was branded as the season's villain by the producers, specifically the EP Quinn King. However, with Rachel's secret urging, the suitor Adam Cromwell opted to not ask her to stay (and have Faith, whom Quinn expected to be out of the competition by then, remain instead) and was thus voted out on the first night/episode.

After the elimination, Britney refused to say or do anything incriminating on camera, knowing they would love to see a meltdown from her, so she was insisting on repeatedly saying the same civil thing over and over again while addressing the camera for her farewell interview until they released her. Rachel, however, took her away from the cameras and let her relax with some drinks. During the course of the conversation, during which Rachel used information from her background data to coax various reactions from her, the crew was able to get useful B-roll to dramatize the episode. Britney became angry and tearful at the things Rachel said, and when she realized that she was being secretly filmed, she threw a fit, no longer caring that she was on camera, and spit at Rachel. She left the set running in tears, cursing everyone.