Faith is one of the contestants of the 13th season of "Everlasting".

She is a fictional character on Lifetime's UnREAL and was portrayed by Breeda Wool.

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Faith is introduced along side the other contests. When she meets Adam, she simply introduces herself, to which Adam responds 'Okay'. Later, she is seen on her own at the first party.

She has a private sit down with Adam. Faith expresses that she feels intimidated, and Adam replies that she is the 'most attractive person there'.

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Faith is seen receiving dancing lessons with the other girls. At the Cinderella ball, she dances with Adam.

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Adam chooses Faith for the hometown date, and the crew fly to Mississippi to film Adam meeting her family. Adam meets 'Gran', and also meets Faith's 'Best Friend', Amy. At Faith's house, Rachel goes to Amy's room and finds a series of photos of her and Amy together. From the window, she observed an interaction between them outside.

During an interview, Rachel insinuates that Faith might have feelings for Amy, which Faith strongly denies, asserting that she is in love with Adam and wants him to take her virginity.

In an interview with Adam, she tells him this, and Adam says that he is 'honoured', but appears put off by this when Faith excuses himself and he speaks to Rachel.

Rachel follows Faith outside. She asks Faith if she is in love with Amy. Faith says that that is disgusting, and Rachel assures that it isn't, it's beautiful. Faith expresses fears about how her family and church will react to learning about her homosexuality, saying that God will 'strike her down'.Rachel asks her if she can 'say it out loud, just once'.

Back at the interview with Adam, Faith says that she is not attracted to Adam, and admits to having feelings for Amy. Rachel smiles at her and Adam hugs her.

Rachel goes to Jeremy to ask him to cut Faith's coming out from the show, as she promised her it wouldn't air until she was ready. He says the tape is already gone, and she will have to intercept it another way.

Later, Rachel is speaking to Adam and Jeremy about how she believes Faith's coming out will change lives. Faith joins them and says that she has been praying on it, and had decided to come out to the whole town. Rachel visibly disagrees with this idea, believing it is a massive and dangerous step for her to take. Amy shares this concern.

At the dance, Faith is about to come out to the town, when Rachel orchestrates an interference from Adam. Faith whispers to Adam that she is thankful for his stepping in. Rachel called Jay and tells him to destroy the video of Faith coming out.

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