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Madison is a personal assistant turned field producer on the set of "Everlasting".


Madison has dreamed of working in the industry since she was young. When she casually told the show owner Chet Wilton about this, their conversation led to her giving him a blow job.[1] Chet's fiancée, who also happens to be her boss, Quinn King, caught them. Quinn tried to talk Madison into pressing charges against Chet, which made Madison uncomfortable as she did not feel like Chet forced himself on her. She approached Dr. Wagerstein for advice, and the latter then told Chet.[2] Later, to further sate her, Chet made her a field producer on the show.[3]

Madison returns in Season 3 at personal request of Gary, network's president. After the premiere, it is revealed the she is an informant to Gary about the show in addiction to sleeping with him.