Mary Newhouse was one of the contestants of "Everlasting" who vied for the chance to be with Adam Cromwell. She was a single mother who was also bipolar and claimed to have been in an abusive relationship with her ex-husband—a claim that granted her full custody of their child.

She is a fictional character on Lifetime's UnREAL and was portrayed by Ashley Scott.

Season 1






Tired of Mary being reserved, Shia decided to take matters into her own hands after finding out from Dr. Wagerstein about her mood stabilizers. Shia turned off the surveillance in Mary's room and switched out her bipolar medication.


After making a heartfelt invitation video, explaining her past with her abusive ex-husband, Mary was chosen by Adam for the next family date. Mary's daughter, sister, and her sister's children came to visit some time after.

In an effort to push Mary and Adam closer together, Quinn and Rachel decided to invite her ex-husband Kirk onto the show to allow Mary to "confront her abuser", but things turned violent and a fight involving Kirk, Adam, and even Jeremy broke out.

Later, Mary, who was confident that she had won Adam over, confronted a restrained Kirk in a nearby trailer. As she told him how much better off she was without him, Kirk told her how pathetic and naïve she was to believe that the show was real and forced her to see his apparent "abuse" in a different light. He told her that she had asked him to hit her, but Mary denied this. Kirk told her that her "illness" would affect their daughter and that Lily would be better off without her.

After the encounter with Kirk, Mary's family left and she bade them farewell. Shortly after, Mary went to the roof of the mansion to attempt to commit suicide. Rachel tried to talk her down, but she ultimately let herself drop from the building, even telling Rachel to join her. Quinn rushed to her body that fell by the pool and found blood at the back of her head.


In the beginning of the episode, it is revealed that Mary passed away due to the fall.

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