Maya is one of the contestants of the 13th season of "Everlasting" who vied for the chance to be with Adam Cromwell.

She is a fictional character on Lifetime's UnREAL and was portrayed by Natasha Wilson.

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Maya was one of "Shia's girls". Her meet-and-greet with Adam on the first night was shot more than once because Adam was dull during their meet-and-greet.

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Maya is one of the last six candidates left on the show and. She and Mary are Shia's last remaining girls.

Savior Edit

After Mary Newhouse committed suicide, she and the remaining girls had a group counselling session to address their grief with Dr. Wagerstein. They were joined by Rachel, and Maya pointed out what the other girls refused to consider: that Mary committed suicide because they were being pit against each other and practically caged for the show. Rachel was the only one in the group who acknowledged it. Maya then expressed her desire to quit the show.

After one last appearance in Everlasting's farewell episode dedicated to Mary (where Mary's sister read Mary's believed suicide note), Maya left.

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