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Rachel Goldberg is a field producer on the (fictional) reality TV show "Everlasting".

She is a main character on the TV show UnREAL on Lifetime. She is portrayed by Shiri Appleby.

Early life[]

Rachel had a tough childhood, and lots of issues with her mum, who was a therapist. At the age of twelve she was raped by one of her mothers patients and in order to cover it up and save her practice, her mother became her therapist. Rachel attended Vassar College and has a BA in Women's Studies.

Season 1[]

The show starts with Rachel rejoining the show after pulling a stunt and humiliating herself in the finale of the show. She plays as one of the prominent character who is strong, manipulating, smart and tactful which is why Quinn trusts her with all her guts. Later on, Rachel is shown as the most valuable asset on the show.