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Hi, I'm "Red". I love Wikia. I find its mere existence so convenient, so I am around a lot. I love being able to contribute to the experience of others as well. I love a lot of stuff (books, shows, movies, video games, comic books, graphic novels, etc.), and every time I get hooked on something new, I tend to always go to its respective wiki and look to them as guides, and I sometimes also end up contributing and helping around a bit.


I am currently an active admin at the Shadowhunters (and its TV) wiki.

I currently follow:

Arrowversevarious K-dramasGOTEverything Marvel •
• Shadowhunter (werewolf) • WizardDemigodGrishawaterbender •
♥ DCMarvel ♥
• FFSuikodenTrailsTalesZeldaFire EmblemSuikodenACTomb Raider •
• and many more! •

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